Eni-Oliktok Construction 400 Person Camp


The Eni petroleum camp (Oliktok Construction camp) began in Delta Junction as a miner construction camp. It was moved to a 12 acre pad in Prudhoe Bay in November 2006. Pioneer Natural Resources chose AC&SS to provide food service and housekeeping when the facility was ready to be used as a construction camp for infrastructure, both on and offshore.

This past construction season there were 575 residents on location for a period of time. The AC&SS onsite management team worked with Eni to expand the facilities to accommodate the increase in population. We also played a key role in designing the new food production facility at their permanent operations center. The new North Slope food restaurant is one Eni is very proud of.

AC&SS also has supported construction and other Eni operations for an offshore drill site, Spy Island. Our working relationship with Eni Petroleum in providing camp services is another illustration of working closely with our partners. They have allowed us to help them be flexible in the management of services at Oliktok Construction Camp.

Stallion 33 camp is a temporary camp put in place in the aftermath of the main NOC camp being destroyed by fire just a few days after Christmas. Stallion is home to 4055 people, consisting of mainly drilling and construction workers.

Black Gold Camp was originally an annex brought in for overflow from the main Nikaitchuq Operations Center (NOC). In In the wake of the fire, it’s become a temporary main camp for administration and people from many other facets of the Slope industry.

“While the work is hard and the hours are long I think we all love being here doing what we do and meeting so many different people and sharing this opportunity that so few will ever get to experience.It is reallyquite like a family and those who have lived it will never forget their time given to the North Slope way of life.”

-  Paul E. Johnson, Camp Manager, KAS ENI SID (Spy Island) / NOC (Black Gold & Stallion 33)