Northstar, Alaska


Northstar Island is located seven miles offshore in the Beaufort Sea. AC&SS has been providing service at Northstar since 2000, when construction of the island began. We provide camp management, cooks, housekeepers and janitors on this 100 person camp. Word has it that this camp provides some of the best food on the North Slope.

Our motto is, This is not just a job, but an adventure.” We have several methods of transportation to and from the island. We use a 15passenger hovercraft most of the time, but when the weather dictates, we fly a Bell 220 helicopter or use 40-foot bay boats. In the summer, we have used a 60passenger crew boat. In the winter an ice road is built on the sea ice.

In the event we have to evacuate the island, we have three ARCTOS (Greek for “polar bear”) emergency evacuation vehicles that are capable of traveling over ice, snow, water or land and can even travel though fire with builtin water washdown sprayers. There are only eight of these vehicles in operation and three of them are on the island. This is a very unique place to work and all of our employees enjoy the work environment on the island.