Summer feels like it’s already made an appearance and it’s time to get out and have some fun and productivity outside the home. While ensuring out lives are enriched with activity and good times, it’s not a bad idea to remember the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper.

You know this one, the ant works all summer gathering food and working because they’ve planned ahead for the winter. Meanwhile, the grasshopper lazes about and just thinks about the moment he’s in. Come the end of the season, the ant is well prepared, and the grasshopper, well, things don’t turn out so well for him. Don’t get too worked up over the details here, it’s just a story. However there is an important tidbit from this story that can help you! Plan Ahead!

Get the step-by-step details here:

Personally I’d like to be an ant-grasshopper hybrid and be able to plan ahead and enjoy the summer, perhaps an ant-hopper or a grasshoppant? This schedule above will assist in getting on track in 2 weeks and leave plenty of time for summer activities, and savings.