KAS Operations department has closed another successful season on Alaska’s North Slope Operations --- and wow what a season! We in operations fondly call this seasonal operation, the ice season. Our camp locations are not accessible to us or anyone else if ice roads are not frozen in and built – thus the seasonal aspect of the operations. We had SAE geophysical cat trains – very isolated, remote and constantly moving - pad camps, mobile camps and of course multiple camps on pads. We are happy to report there were no major injuries – although a few mishaps – no major injuries or lost time incidents. Safety and performing the tasks at hand – without injury is the absolute goal.

At one time in this past season, the operations department was managing 186 persons on the North Slope camps rosters. Getting folks through the interview process, making hopefully correct selections to fill certain positions, through the on boarding process, screening, physical testing, arranging air travel, hiring packets completeness and accuracy, safety/arctic gear requirements met – all are part of the total operations picture.

We attempt to match a persons’ experience and qualifications to the job we need them to fill. On occasion, the match is not the best match and adjustments have to be made. Some folks simply cannot fit in the operation. We often hear candidates say, “Cannot be much to it -- to be a housekeeper, a pot washer, or a bull cook, right?” That comment usually gets my attention – fast! There are some in the management/supervisory rankings that want an individual to have North Slope experience and some that want “green” individuals….there are mixed opinions and views on that stance. Here in operations, we attempt to find a balance that can hopefully strike stability that creates a successful operation for our clients.

Working on Alaska’s North Slope is not for everyone. Four weeks on and two weeks off is a long and an often grueling schedule. Exhaustion, dehydration and just outright burnout can quickly overcome a person – affecting their personality, energy and normal behavior. We watch this area carefully and it is always our hopes that we do not see it --- but make no mistake about it – it happens. Often a four week on hitch can stretch to a six weeks on hitch. Personnel illness, resignations, weather, personal problems at home – there are many factors that can affect a person working in these remote areas. The KAS family of employees and co-workers need to always remember we are on the same team and support of each other is critical in these remote areas.

Occasionally, we have situations when an employee fails to keep in mind that they are KAS employees -- not our clients’ employees. Conflict can occur here very quickly. Our head chefs/cooks are KAS ‘boots on the ground’ in these remote areas. All KAS business and operational concerns MUST go to those chefs/cooks for immediate addressing and attention. The Anchorage office stands by ready to assist in any situation that may need intervention. Our clients rely on us to handle business concerns – that is one of the reasons why they are buying generic ambien (zolpidem tartrate) http://www.canadianpharmacy365.net/product/ambien/! Operations want to thank the HR team for all their support and often the untimely issues we bring to them for resolution and advice.

Post season, annually we strive to have demobilization and strategic meetings during these summer months to assess what could have been done better the previous season as well as set goals for the next season --- starting in October/November – this all starts over again! With the help of HR and our management teams, KAS has developed a series of questions and interview points that are designed to ask candidates questions with pertinent answers. These answers contain technical terms that tell us if a person is qualified and experienced in the position they are seeking. They days are gone past that we interview to get people in positions that they are not qualified to fill. Our goal is to support field operations by sending our project sites the most qualified candidates we can to fill the vacancies. Equally, it is part of our obligation to the KAS family to keep a balance in hiring practices with the goal of employee retention being most attainable.